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Modern people tend to live in cities. Their job and everyday life is determined by high-tech, stress and too little time. Are you familiar with this scenario, too? We have forgotten how to listen to nature. She keeps doing so much good for us.

There are people who listen to nature! They possess the fascinating, millenia-old knowledge of the indigenous peoples. Knowledge about nature and plants as well as their effects.

We enjoy the good fortune of learning from this knowledge. We are experiencing an insight into the secrets of nature – up close and locally.

We take the secret of nature. They will investigate and verify the knowledge and combine it with our modern know-how.

Then we create high-quality cosmetics with proven beauty effects in our laboratory for you.

Imagine you possess a care product, which contains the secrets of the indigenous peoples. You apply this product and you will start to shine and experience the most precious secret: from the inside and the outside - because nature holds only the best for you.

Our products contain:

visible beauty effects

proven beauty effects from natural substances

knowledge of the indigenous peoples

tradition to the millennial-old knowlege

pure nature

ingredients from special ecosystems of our earth

modern know-how

knowledge of the indigenous peoples combined with science


use and conservation of nature


for nature and the indigenous peoples


certified by an accredited laboratory

the products




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